Giorgio Armani Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

Ad Campaign of Giorgio Armani Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

Inspired by the mysterious hues of the sky over the city at night, Giorgio Armani's fall 2010 makeup collection features a range of intense shades in deep ocean blue and berry purple tones.

The collection includes:

Night Shade Palette 10

Eyes to Kill eyeshadow palette: 07

Eyes to Kill Waterproof Mascara: 05

Rouge d'Armani Lipstick: 602, 603 & 604

Lip Shimmer: 01, 02, 03 & 04

Sheer Blush Duo: 10

Fluid Shine Nail Polish: 47

The collection also comes with Armanisilk Lipsticks in 100 and 101.

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Jen said...

Ooooh... these shades are calling my name!

EauMG said...

This is a great collection.

Anonymous said...

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