Lunasol Holiday 2009 Collection

Lunasol holiday 2009 collection will be released on November 14th in Japan. This collection continues the Moonlight Purification theme as in the previous holiday collections, and features a "white lighting" color scheme for holiday 2009. The lineup includes:

Full Glamour Lips G:
21 White Lighting, 22 Pearlish Pink, 23 Sweet Pink, 24 Natural Beige, 25 Shiny Rose

Nail Finish:
39 White Lighting, 40 Pearlish Pink, 41 Milky Pink, 42 Natural Beige, 43 Pearlish Rose

Shining Face Color EX04 White Pink (limited edition)

Party Coffret 2009 (limited edition):includes Lighting for Eyes EX05(White Lighting), Geminate Eyeliner EX03(White Lighting), Full Glamour Gloss EX11(White Lighting), Shining Powder N EX03(White Lighting) in Original Pouch

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Anonymous said...

Aww... I'm so intrigued by the lipsticks and nail colors.

I think Lunasol nail polishes are great in quality and color range. <3

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

I am with you. The lipsticks and nail colors in this holiday collection look very pretty.

Thanks a lot for letting me know about Lunasol nail polishes. I have never tried their nail colors. I hope I will get to try them soon!!! :)

Best wishes,