Elégance Winter 2009 Collection

Elégance will release its winter '09 makeup collection on November 18th in Japan. The collection features a wide range of revamped makeup items for eyes, lips and cheeks.

It offers a beautiful array of vibrant and colorful shades. The jewel-studded packaging simply looks stunning and elegant.

Elégance winter 2009 collection includes:

Phantom Eyes: 10 variations

Spice Shot Rouge: 20 shades

Aurora Storm: 8 variations

Lip Liner: 9 shades

Stellar Night Eyeliner: 7 shades

Eyeliner Perfect: 1 shade

Black Star Lash Mascara: 4 shades

Volume Lash Fixer

Curl Lash Fixer

Eyebrow Slim: 6 shades

Eyebrow Mascara: 4 shades

(Top) Lavish Lash Color Mix: 4 shades
(Middle) Lavish Lash Feather: 3 shades
(Bottom) Lavish Lash Sparkle: 4 shades

[Photo credit: www.elegance-cosmetics.com & www.cosme.net]

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tav, said...

do you know if they ship to the states?

Acai said...

I love it!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Tav,

Unfortunately, Elégance cosmetics is not available in the US at this point.

The online retail stores like Good Dealer, Ichibankao, Adam Beauty, BoBoDave,etc that I usually shop for Japanese cosmetics don't carry this line. I am very sorry that I haven't found any online retail store selling this line.

Please do let me know if you have further questions about Elégance cosmetics.



Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Acai,

I love it too! The packaging and makeup colors look so beautiful. I wish this brand were available in the US.

Best wishes,