Dior Holiday 2009 Cristal Boreale Collection

Dior holiday 2009 Cristal Boreale Collection is inspired by the delicate shimmering effects of clear crystal. The collection has continued the purple color scheme since its summer '09 Crystal Collection and fall '09 Jazz Club Collection. For holiday 2009, Dior comes up with a range of colors in purple and silver.

Cristal Boreale: 2 shades

The star item in this collection is Cristal Boreale. The pendant is studded with 52 Swarovski crystals, and contains a lip gloss.

Crystal Boreale Eyeshadow: 2 shades

Also, available in purple and silver, Crystal Boreale Eyeshadow is embossed with crystal motif.

All the items in this collection are limited-edition. Here are the images of the other items in collection:

5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow: 2 new variations

Style Liner: 1 new shade

Rouge Dior: 2 new shades

Crème de Gloss: 1 new shade

Dior Vernis: 2 new shades

Dior Holiday 2009 Cristal Boreale Collection is set to be launched in the US in October.

[Photo credit: www.joseishi.net/voce/]

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the colour of silver purple nail polish but it chips so easily. T.T

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! The color looks very pretty! I am sorry to hear that the nail color didn't work for you!



Alita said...

Hi there, nice review - I love the limited editions Dior do, especially the chunky jewellery-style cases. Sadly I got none of these for Christmas! I am a Dior girl and use their makeup, skincare and perfumes. With the nail polishes however, although I love the colours, I find they just don't wear that well. I keep trying to love the Dior line .. I’ll buy a lipstick/nail polish matching set, but it never turns out well. Use OPI for nail polish - that's my tip! With proper base and top coating OPI nail polishes last at least a week without chipping. With a busy lifestyle (same as everyone) I just don’t have the time or inclination to be redoing my nail polish more than once a week.