RMK Fall 2009 Collection

Ad Campaign of RMK Fall 2009 Collection

Entitled "Autumn Mystique", RMK fall 2009 makeup c
ollection is inspired by the grown-up, sophisticated, sexy yet mysterious characters of confident and independent women in modern days. The collection incorporates different colors and textures to deliver the light and shade effects as well as shimmer effects.

The collection includes:

Mystique Eyes: 4 variations

Ingenious Gel Eyeliner: 7 shades (4 limited-edition shades)

Ingenious Pencil Eyeliner: 7 shades

Extra Deep W Mascara: 3 shades

Mystique Cheeks: 2 variations (limited editions)

Gloss Lips: 3 new shades

Nail Color N: 2 new shades

Nail Art Liner: 2 shades (limited editions)

Check out this post written by a Taiwanese blogger for close-ups of part of RMK's fall 2009 collection!

Mystique Eyes, Mystique Cheeks and Gloss Lips look so tempting! I almost want to have every color of them. I am going to have a debate with myself to decide which items will stay on my shopping list.

[Photo credit: www.iswii.net]

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Ariel and Ying said...

Love the last 2 shadow color and I want every single one of those gel liners. So much to buy. Great post btw. Thanks

Anonymous said...

OMG! RMK is normally a pass for me as its e/s always look quite tacky IMO. but now i am interested in these e/s and those gel liner!!! gotta mark this down and check it out. thanks

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Ariel and Ying,

You are welcome. Thank you very much for your comment! I am glad that you like the colors of the last two Mystique Eyes palettes and Ingenious Gel Eyeliner.



em said...

the gel liners lok great! I love the promo image, it's lovely.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Dear Jojoba,

Thank you for stopping by! I am with you. The eyeshadow palettes, cheek color palettes, lip glosses and nail colors just look so lovely! I look forward to reading your review(s) on this collection if you get to try the items in this collection.



Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Em,

Thanks for your comment! I do like the promo image as well. The model looks so clean and sophisticated in the photo.