Lavshuca Fall 2009 Makeup Collection

Lavshuca fall 2009 collection will be released on August 1st in Japan. The collection consists mostly of new shades of current products for eyes and lips.

It is very exciting that there will be a new range of eyeshadow palettes called Light Mix Eyes in Lavshuca's upcoming fall lineup. Available in 5 variations, Light Mix Eyes comes in adorable packaging. The eyeshadows are housed in four petal-like pans, and the eyeshadow at the bottom right features an embossed vintage style pattern.

The collection includes:

Light Mix Eyes: 5 variations

Grade Color Eyes: 1 new variation

Dual Prism Eyes: 2 new variations

Full Balloon Rouge: 15 shades

Rouge Star Classic: 2 new shades

Power Memory Eyebrow: 2 shades

Power Memory Eyeliner: 1 shade

Pore Concealer Base (SPF24 PA++): 1 shade

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PinkyKathy said...

OMG, i wanna try all 5 of e/s new line and new lippiessss. ^_^

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi PinkyKathy,

Thank you very much for your comment!

I am with you. I really like the colors of Lavshuca fall 2009 collection. In addition, the packaging of Light Mix Eyes palettes looks pretty! I am eyeing the Light Mix Eyes palette in cool brown variation!



wendysyri said...

I love the lip colors!! Is there a site that you could order, in English and to the states??

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi WendySyri,

I am happy that you like Lavshuca lip colors! The following are a few online retailers I have dealt with. My experiences with them were positive.

1) Good Dealer (based in Hong Kong)

2) Adam Beauty (based in Hong Kong)

3) Ichibankao (based in Japan)

Other online retailers like Facial Shop, Bobodave and Mihoko Family also sell a variety of Japanese cosmetics.

4) (based in Hong Kong)

5) (based in Hong Kong)

6) (based in the US)

All the online retailers I listed ship worldwide except Mihoko Family only takes orders within the US.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions.



wendysyri said...

Thanks for the info. Will definitely check it out!! Love your blogs btw, keep it up!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Wendysyri,

You are welcome! :) Do let me know if you get to try the new lip colors from Lavshuca fall 2009 collection.

Thank you so much for your love and support of my blog! Come back often!