OPI SoftShades 2009 Fairytale Bride Collection

Promo Image of OPI Soft Shades 2009 Fairytale Bride Collection

OPI Fairytale Bride Collection for Soft Shades
2009 is now revealed on its website. The lineup includes four soft, pale shades:
  • I Pink I love You: cool pink
  • Otherwise Engaged: shimmery pale pink
  • Isn't It Romantic: cherry blossom pink
  • At First Sight: nude pink
From Left to Right: I Pink I love You, Otherwise Engaged, Isn't It Romantic, At First Sight

The colors look very girly yet sophisticated!

[Photo credit:www.opi.com]

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aichaku-愛着 said...

i love these colours! got to get my hands on some of these OPI.

reveriepapillon said...

pretty! I like your blog, but it would be even better if you could provide the links where to buy the prodcuts~ thanks~

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Aichaku-愛着,

These pink-based colors are really gorgeous! I am thinking about getting either "Isn't It Romantic" or "At First Sight."




Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Reveriepapillon,

I am really happy that you like my blog! :)

Thank you very much for your suggestion! I receive emails from time to time asking me where to buy the products, especially the Japanese cosmetics. I definitely will put up a post about where to buy the products.