Product review: Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

Skin MD Natural is a shielding lotion for face, hand and body. The basic concept is to protect the skin from the outside irritants in modern environments, which didn't exist a few decades ago. The shielding lotion forms an invisible hydrating shield at the outer layer of skin. Inside the protective shield, it restores the skin's moisture, and enhances the skin's natural protective abilities. It is mostly effective as a dry skin care treatment.

I have used Skin MD Natural mostly on the face and hands for a couple months. The lotion is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic (cosmetics/skincare don't plug pores, which cause blackheads or pimples) and hypoallergenic! Skin MD Natural contains natural antimicrobial ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, comfrey to reduce the bacteria and heal the skin; natural anti-oxidant, vitamin E, to protect the cell membrane; arnica and yarrow, which are anti-inflammatory, to reduce redness, dryness and swelling.

I have a dry/sensitive skin type. The lotion works great for me. The texture is between gel and cream. It is very lightweight and easy to apply. After I apply the lotion, it got absorbed quickly but I don't feel greasy or sticky residue on my skin. I like the way it gives my face hydration without turning it oily like a shinny "light bulb". A thin layer of the so-called "invisible shield" can be felt on the outer layer of skin in a very comfortable way. My face feels clean immediately after the Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is applied. My face would look bright and refreshing in the next morning. I also love using it on my hands in daytime. It allows me to work with the computer without a mess. It just doesn't mess up the working environment by leaving oily finger marks everywhere.

Following the directions, however, is the key to ensure the best result. Users are suggested to apply the product every 2 to 8 hours for the first few days to a week. This is the initial time for the lotion does its magic to adjust and re-balance the skin's moisture condition. As the skin starts to adjust and moisturize itself naturally, users may apply the lotion every 12-24 hours. At first, I neglected the directions and applied the lotion whenever I wanted to (which means, less often as directed). I noticed my skin actually got a little drier. I have applied more lotion and followed the instructions more closely. After two weeks, the condition has become very satisfying. This could be a nuisance if you don't like to follow instructions. Overall, I'd recommend you to give it a try. Skin MD Natural is 4oz bottle for $25, available at

*SkinMD provided a sample for this review. However, this review is solely based on my personal opinions after using this product.*

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