Kiehl's Light lip glosses

Kiehl's is very famous for its various skin-care lines and friendly customer service. They don't have a particular makeup line except only a few series of tinted lip glosses. I was surprised to find out the Kiehl's Light Lip Gloss (0.25 oz for $11.50) comes in beautiful tints. The shade I have is Iced Melon and is in light pink with shimmer. Not only the melon scent smells really good, it also very gentle. It provides a sheer coverage and the texture is light but a little watery. It is probably not as moisturizing as it seems. I do like it provides enough hydration for my lips but won't get my hair stuck to my lips when the wind blows. If you need more moistirization, Kieh's Moisturizing Lip Gloss is probably a better choice.

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