Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Premium A/I Sneak Peek

Shu Uemura has released a new cleansing oil called Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/I (9450 yen or about USD $81 for 450ml;3570 yen or USD $31 for 150mL). It has been launched in Japan since September 1st 2007. The is Shu Uemura's first bottle of medicinal makeup removal that is formulated with Asian plant ingredients and Western herbs for dry and fragile skin. The rich oil is infused with ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, avocado oil and bergamot; such ingredients are to soothe, calm the skin and as well as to reverse the signs of aging.

This east meets west product looks like a perfect solution for my skin type. I would love to check it out when it is available in the US. I will try to update more details on this new version of cleansing oil.

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