P.S Kiss for Lancome Unpacking

I've received my P.S.Kiss lipstick (for Lancome) last weekend. As you can see from the picture above, the lipstick is packaged beautifully. The lipstick looks deep brown-red when I first open up Lancome's signature Color Fever lipstick case. But it goes on bright red with a hue of dark wine when only a layer of lip color is applied. As another layer is put on, the red looks more deep burgundy and intense. I can see the brown undertone give the color a little warmer and more vibrant hue. Different techniques and numbers of layers of lip shade create different results. All are elegant and sensual to go with rich fashions in the fall and winter.

It is a very pretty rich shade with a hydrating texture to give a matte pigment. It is long-lasting and doesn't cause feathering! I have never been a big fan of deep red lipstick. However, P.S.Kiss blew my mind! I love this color. It is definitely a striking combination of stronger make-up, rich outfits and the P.S.Kiss lipstick in the cold holiday season.

If you love this color like I do, you still can get it at Nordstrom starting today. For those of you that are not close to the target locations, P.S.Kiss is now available on lancome-usa.com :)

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