Takashi Murakami + Luis Vutton @ Moca

MoCA (The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles) will held a retrospective art exhibition "© Murakami" for an international acclaimed and thought-provoking pop artist Takashi Murakami on October 29, 2007 through Feb 11, 2008. It is also the debut of a freestanding Louis Vuitton boutique in the middle of the exhibition, selling limited edition and exclusive merchandise designed by Murakami especially for this exhibition. This series of leather goods range from $875 to $920 in price, but non of the proceeds from sales will benefit MoCA as MOCA Chief Curator Paul Schimmel "in an effort to highlight the inherently commercial aspect of Murakami’s work, as expressed by his personal “Superflat” manifesto." Also, Louis Vuitton has guaranteed that enough merchandise will be produced to last the duration of the exhibit. It will interesting to see if this move will attracts all the fashionista in Beverly Hills to buy the limited edition bags. I will be in LA later this year and hopefully I will have time to visit this exhibition. If I am lucky, I might buy one of these bags. [Source: Supertouch]

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