Make-up Fall 2007

Are you ready for a bold and lustrous look in the fall 2007? The latest trends feature red lipstick, bold eye brow and cat eye.

Classic Hollywood-red lipstick
From fashion runways, cosmetic advertising campaigns to celebrity red carpets, red lipstick is a big hit this season. Sheer rosy-pink or nude is still a nice-and-safe color. But why not bring some confidence to be more colorful and sexy by wearing a Hollywood-red lipstick? Don't be afraid of deep red. There are tons of beautiful shades in the red family, from dark burgundy, berry-red, wine-red to orange-red and brown-red..etc. There are a lot of choices, but it is all up to your skin tones.

Fuller and distinct Eyebrow
Fuller brows are in! They balance well with red lip color. Though the red lip color is a strong and powerful accent, it enhances the face structure and creates a focal point on the unadorned face.

Blue eyeshadow
I am so happy to see so many blue eye shadows coming out this fall. Blues are flattering on every skin tone and eye color. Blend dark blue (such as Nars Duo Eyeshadow, Laura MercierEye Colour Quad, MAC Blue Storm)with any other dark shade (like charcoal-black or chocolate-brown) to dramatically create smoky eyes for the night. Go for a lighter and soft twist (like turquoise) in the day time, however.

Cat eye
Use a black liquid eyeliner to draw a thin line from the inner corner of the eyes. Then, widen it to make it thicker at the outer corner, extend the line and wing up towards the temples. Blend with varying shades of eye shadow(s) to create either soft cat eyes or heavy cat eyes.

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