Becca on sale!

From Australia, Becca is founded by makeup artist Rebecca Morrice Williams. The philosophy of this cosmetics company is to enable women of all ages and ethnicity to achieve a natural looking and flawless complexion while staying fresh all day. The brand is well-known for offering light-weight and smooth-texture cosmetics in an extensive and realistic range of colors. "Everything is an essential to me. I only make products I can’t live without" said Rebecca Morrice Williams.

Personally, I haven't tried any of Becca's products before but I always want to get a taste of it! Today, I am so excited to learn that Becca is having up to 75% off sale at Sephora. Take a look at Fine Loose Finishing Powder in a selection of shades is now $8.75 (Orig. $38), Glossy Lip Tint $5.50 (Orig. $22), Eye Color Powder $5 (Orig. $20) and Fine Pressed Powder $9.50 (Orig.$38)! I am sure I am going to have a fun time on this! Happy shopping!

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