Back-to-School The End

With so many back-to-school supplies and beauty kits, a jumbo bag is necessary to fit everything. I love the oversized bag fashion. It has been one of the hottest trends in recent years. You can spot them everywhere from high fashion designer stores to retail chain stores. (You don't really have to break your bank account to get one!) A stylish oversized bag accessorizes your look with personality. It finishes off your look in a cute, edgy, or sporty way depending on the style of bag you wear.

It is perfect for everyone, like student, to stuff heavy books, laptop, beauty survival kits, all kinds of essentials. But honestly, carrying a heavy-weight bag around on the same shoulder all day gives me neck pain and shoulder muscle strain. The key is you have to choose a comfortable bag. And remember to switch shoulder to carry your bag from time to time to prevent imbalance which leads to muscle pain.

Unless a bag is super super chic that I am craving to collect it at home(This happened only one time.), I would only purchase fabulous bags with a more practical purpose that I am sure I will treasure for years.

Kage Stormy Tote Classic and Dainty!

Puma Spirit Shopper Bag II Sporty and casual!

Today is the last day of the back-to-school beauty guide. I really hope this guide helps you pick up some ideas for looking stunning yet school-appropiate. Have a good semester!

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