Paul & Joe Vs. RMK

It is still summer time. A lot of fall 2007 colors are quietly arriving! Today, let me bring you the latest collections from Paul & Joe Autumn 2007 and RMK A/W 2007! Both collections are cute and colorful. I hope this can inspire you what color to wear in the fall.

Dear Diary is a limited-edition Autumn 2007 collection from Paul & Joe.

There are three different colors for lipstick:
  • Secret diary 052 is in dark red with warm undertones
  • Afternoon Stroll 053 is in tender coral beige
  • Nostalgia 054 is in deep chocolate brown
For eye shadows, each comes in a light color with a dark hue in the image of four-leaf clover:
  • Daydream 052 is light blue with blue green
  • Pressed roses 053 is pale pink with dark gray
  • Poetry 054 is white frost with reddish brown

Beigy Colors is the autumn/winter 2007 collection from RMK:

  • Beigy Mixed Eyes are six limited-edition colors. Three beige-based eye shadows assorted with pairs of hearts. One heart has silver/ gold shine, and the other is in dark tones
  • Beigy Mixed Cheeks are three limited-edition neutral beige colors with pink, rose brown or orange respectively
  • Beigy Mixed Gloss are four limited-edition beige-based glosses with pale pink, pink, coral or pale gold respectively
  • New nail colors from shiny clear pink, shiny clear beige to shiny clear brown

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