Clean & Clear

Among many kinds of oil blotting papers from drugstores or name brand cosmetics, Clean & Clear is my favorite choice in hot and humid summer days. I have used Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets for years since I was in college. Not only my girlfriends love it, many guy friends also like it. It costs only about $5 at your local drugstores.

Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets has excellent oil absorption. All you need to do is gently blot your face with a piece of oil absorbing sheet. It will take away all the greasy shine and excessive oil instantly and leaves your face clean and fresh without taking off make-up. The texture of the sheets is quite silky but very flexible, so it is not very easy to split or break off (this is a good call for guys! They tend to "mop" face with oil blotting sheets too hard and too quickly!). Anyway, it is a nice soft touch of feeling when using it on the face. It is a must-have for summer.

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