Spotted: Sneak Peek of Dior Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

Dior Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

Spotted! Dior's spring 2009 makeup collection is on display at Macy's. I was at a mall for after-Christmas shopping, and surprised to see this Dior's collection at Macy's (other department stores didn't have it on display yet). I couldn't wait to see the star item, Lady Dior, which is a makeup palette (available in two variations) containing a highlighter and a cheek/lip color in cream texture.

Lady Dior from Dior Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

Unfortunately, Dior's spring collection is only on display and is not available for sale at the Macy's (and other department stores I visited). Not only that, the limited-edition Lady Dior palette I saw was only a case without any makeup in it. I was told by the sales associate that this collection should be arriving sometime next week.
Lady Dior Handbag in Black Quilted Lambskin with "Cannage" Stitching

Even that, I was thrilled to be able to play with the Lady Dior palette. It is such a beautiful makeup palette in the exquisite "Lady Dior" handbag shape with "Cannage" stitching and Dior logo letters. Even without makeup in it, this tiny bag can be an adorable keychain or bag charm by itself. I am sure it will be a highly sought after collectible for Dior's fans.

As to the rest of Dior's spring collection, the colors are just lovely to look at! The overall collection features an array of soft earthy shades and nude pastel colors. It has a great sense of elegance and femininity without being overly girly or sweet! I will keep my eyes on this collection this coming week.


Updated on January 2nd, 2009:
Check out my post here for close-ups of the Lady Dior makeup palette :)

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