Majolica Majorca Holiday 2008 Collection

Commercial Image of Majolica Majorca Holiday 2008 Collection

Majolica Majorca has updated its website with its holiday 2008 collection. This collection was launched in Japan on November 21th in Japan, and will arrive at other countries in Asia in late November or early December.

This collection includes:

Majolumina Powder in Puff: in gold and silver variatons (limited-edition)

Lash Gorgeous Wing: 1 shade (limited-edition)

Majolook Illuminator: 2 variations

The Majolumina Powder in Puff (in gold and silver variations) can be used for face and body. It is worth noting that Majolica Majorca comes up with neutral, earthy eye colors for this holiday season. The Majolook Illuminator eyeshadow palettes and Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara are brown-based shades.

Check out the product images and swatches here if you are interested in this holiday collection.


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Becky said...

I love the colors in the first image.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Datura Rose,

I am glad that you like the colors in the first image. I like that it has a rich and dramatic feel. But it still looks quite soft and feminine.

Thank you for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend!



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What a great collection, I also love the colors.

Anonymous said...

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