Product Review: The Beach Collection from Alima Cosmetics

Alima is a mineral makeup brand from the US. The brand is committed to all-natural and quality cosmetics without noxious chemicals. I have came across many beauty blogs raving about this company's product before I had the opportunity to try their products. It is my pleasure to share with you my thoughts on the Beach Collection, which consists of four powder eyeshadows.

Shade Aroa from the Beach Collection


The Beach Collection includes:
  • Aroa: shimmering gold
  • Bondi: taupe with silver shimmer
  • Datai: shimmering golden bronze
  • Mahana: khaki green black with gold shimmer
The powders have a smooth refined texture. All the shades in the Beach Collection have shimmers and the shimmers are a lot more noticeable in the jars than they appear on my eyes.

Shade Bondi from the Beach Collection

I am impressed that the shimmers impart a subtly shimmering effect instead of being overly metallic. These eye shadow powders blend in easily, and settle in my skin quickly. The finish is not powdery or chalky at all. It is a soft radiant finish like the skin is radiant from within.

The Beach Collection features rich, earthy shades in light and dark tones. The colors have good pigments, and are well-coordinated to each other. While Aroa (shimmering gold) and Bondi (taupe with silver shimmer) have a sheer yet full pigmentation, nude yet lively color payoff, Datai (shimmering golden bronze) has a medium-toned pigmentation.

Bondi (taupe with silver shimmer) and Mahana (khaki green black with gold shimmer) are my favorites in this collection.
Mahana features a blend of medium-toned khaki green, black, and gold shimmer, which is deep enough to perfectly sculpt and accentuate my eyes without looking too strong.

Shade Datai from the Beach Collection

Lasting Power
I noticed the colors tend to fade a little at midday. But this is no surprise since the loose powder eyeshadow usually has a weaker staying power than eyeshadow in the pressed form. I would suggest you to use an eyeshadow primer as a base to ensure longer lasting power before you apply loose powder eyeshadow.

Shade Mahana from the Beach Collection


The Beach Collection was previously created as a limited edition release in the late summer. The neutral, earthy shades mixed with subtle gold or silver shimmers can create a lively nude or a soft smoky makeup look easily. In fact, the soft, delicate shimmers and the wearable earthy shades are well suited not only for the summer. I will be wearing these shades year-round.

*The samples are provided by Alima. However, this review is solely based on my personal opinions after using this product.*

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