OPI Fall/Winter 2008 La Collection De France

OPI Fall/Winter 2008 La Collection De France

OPI just launched La Collection De France for fall/winter 2008 collection in early August in the US. Inspired by the effortless elegance of French fashion, the collection features twelve rich and deep shades along with three coordinating lipsticks and lip liners.

OPI Fall/Winter 2008 La Collection De France

As an OPI fan, I have to admit, it didn't draw my attention when I first saw the promo images of the collection. Most of the colors in this collection were way too dark and didn't stand out. It changed my initial impressions, however, after I had a good look at the close-up images of the colors.

The shades focus on neutral nudes, mauve tones and red shades. Some of the shades contain subtle shimmer. I think this collection is able to grasp the essence of the understated glamor of French fashion.
Product Image of OPI Fall/Winter 2008 La Collection De France

La Collection De France includes:

  • Louvre Me Louvre Me Not: royal purple
  • Parlez-Vous OPI?: smoky violet
  • You Don't Know Jacques!: taupe
  • Tickle My France-y: nude
  • Bastille My Heart: rich burgundy
  • I'm Fondue of You: milk chocolate
  • A Oui Bit of Red: brilliant red
  • We'll Always Have Paris: rich coffee
  • Eiffel For This Color: wine shimmer
  • Baguette Me Not: swirl of cinnamon
  • Crêpes Suzi-ette: caramel
  • Yes…I Can-Can!: eggplant
The last three nail colors feature coordinating lip liners and lipsticks. Do check out the OPI website for close-up images. Check out Scrangie if you are interested in the swatches of the collection.

I definitely will grab a few shades from the collection. I am more inclined to Bastille My Heart, Baguette Me not and Tickle my France-y.

Have you picked up any shades from this collection? I would love to hear your thoughts on your shade(s).

Images updated on August 23rd, 2008

[Photo credit:www.opi.com]

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Always In Style said...

I'm wearing Parlez Vous Opi right now and I love it although it doesn't look as grey on me as it does on Scrangie. I'm dying to try the You Don't Know Jacques next...but I like the whole collection really.

Unknown said...


From which state of the US are you from?

Nice blog :)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Always in Style,

Thank you very much for stopping by!

I apologize for my belated reply. I was out of town in the past few days.

I like the whole collection too. All the colors look beautiful and wearable. Parlez Vous is such a pretty muted lavender/lilac with a grey undertone.

I haven't had a chance to pick up the nail polishes from this collection. But I definitely will pick up more than two. I am really intrigued by TICKLE MY FRANCE-Y and BAGUETTE ME NOT.

Thank you very much for posting your comment!



Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Joana do Açúcar,

Thank you so much for liking my blog and leaving the message!

I am currently based in Washington, DC.

:) I like the photo on your blog profile! ;)



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