My First Purchase of Lavshuca Eye Makeup: Summer Gradually Compact

Lavshuca Eye Makeup: Summer Gradually CompactLavshuca Summer Gradually Compact & its Outer Case

In my earlier post, I have mentioned about Lavshuca summer 2008 collection launched in last May. From the first glance, I liked the shimmery and wearable color combinations of Summer Gradually Compact on the websites. This particular eye shadow palette is available in Shiny Sand Beach and Windy Aqua Beach. The names pretty much speak for themselves. Shiny Sand Beach features golds and browns while Windy Aqua Beach features silvers and blues.

Lavshuca Eye Makeup: Summer Gradually CompactLavshuca Summer Gradually Compact in Shiny Sandy Beach

This is a review on Lavshuca Summer Gradually Compact in Shiny Sandy Beach. In fact, this is my first eye shadow palette from Lavshuca. I have some Lavshuca lip products. But for Lavshuca's eye makeup, this is my very first buy.

Lavshuca Eye Makeup: Summer Gradually Compact
Lavshuca Summer Gradually Compact consists of two big pans made up of six small eye shadows. The trio pans were included separately in the outer plastic case when I bought it. The way I inserted the pans into the palette was different from what you see on the official website. On Lavshuca's website, the light shades are on the left side and the dark shades on the right side.


Shades from left to right in the picture above:
  • D: taupe brown with subtle shimmer
  • E: dark brown with fine shimmer
  • F: light beige with ultra-fine shimmer
  • A: light gold with metallic sparkles
  • B: bronze orange gold with frosty shimmer
  • C: pale champagne gold with fine glitter
PigmentationLavshuca Eye Makeup: Summer Gradually Compact
From the left: Shade A, B, C

The pigmentation of these eye shadows vary. In general, the three eye shadows on the right side have a sheer pigmentation (except eye shadow B) while the eye shadows on the left side are medium-pigmented (except eye shadow F).

Lavshuca Eye Makeup: Summer Gradually Compact
From the left: Shade D, E, F

The colors are well-balanced neutral tones. But eye shadow B (bronze orange gold) is too orange for my liking. As always, the orange undertone doesn't suit my skin tone. Also, eye shadow A and eye shadow C have a glittery finish, especially A has more of a metallic finish. It looks too glittery if I apply it all over the eye. But, they present a pleasant light-capturing and watery shimmer by applying them with a light hand, The eye shadows in the palette belong to light-to-medium pigmented tones. I think this palette is more suitable for light to medium skin tones. The well-coordinated neutral tones can pull off a soft makeup look complemented by cool or warm lip color(s) and blusher(s).

Lavshuca Eye Makeup: Summer Gradually CompactLasting Power
The colors have a fairly good lasting power. The eye shadows stay out and do not crease easily. I am glad that my first eye makeup purchase from Lavshuca is worth the money. The versatile golds and browns are layerable and blendable. Some eye shadows from the palette might be too shimmery for my liking. But I do find they deliver a beautiful wash of color by applying with a light hand.

The various degrees of pigmentation and shimmer of these eye shadows make it easy to create a casual summer look. Overall, the neutral and wearable shades from Lavshuca Summer Gradually Compact in Shiny Sand Beach are suitable for daytime makeup and quite work appropriate. This has become of my favorite eye shadow palettes!

Let me also invite you to A Touch of Blusher's review on Shiny Sand Beach!


Lydia said...

Ooo this is so pretty!

Rosanne said...

I love this makeup but how can I purchase it? When I go to the website it isn't in English. Is it sold somewhere in the US also?

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Lydia,

Thank you for stopping by!

The packaging is cute. And the gold and brown eye shadows are wearable and gorgeous summer colors. The palette has become one of my favorite eye shadow palettes.



nilla cookie said...

This compact looks amazingly gorgeous! So sleek and beautiful!! I glad you like it even though it's not a total homerun for you :)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Rosanne,

Thank you for stopping by!

The website you went to was the Lavshuca's official website, which doesn't provide online shopping.Unfortunately, Lavshuca is not available in the US.

There are a couple of online beauty stores that carry this palette. In fact, they sell skincare and cosmetic products mostly from Japanese brands.

1. Ichibankao
(Japan-based online store)
(This website is in English)

2. JpMon
(Taiwan-based online store)
(The website is in Chinese)

Both of them offer global shipping. For Ichibankao, they want to make the purchase experience simple for the customers. The prices you see on the website already include the shipping and handling fees.

For JpMon, the shipping rate is based on the total weight of your order.The website is in Chinese. Let me know if you need help browsing this website.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any question or if you need help.

Enjoy browsing these websites!



Girl-Woman said...

The colors looks fabulous, but the compact may trump them. Beautiful!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Lilan,

Good to hear from you again!

The compact is indeed sleek and pretty! This eye shadow palette (in two color variations) must be a collectable for Lavshuca's loyal fans.

There are a few shades more to the glittery side. Overall, all the shades are blendable and well coordinated.I am very pleased with this palette.

Thanks a lot for stopping by! :)



Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Girl-woman,

Thank you for stopping by!

I love the compact. This eye shadow palette has a beautiful and unique packaging. I am glad you like it as well! :)



ehoo said...

Hi BA,
Would like to check with you.
there is 2 website provided by you

So which of them is more realiable online seller?
Have you purchase any item from Jpmon before?


Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Eunice,

Thank you for stopping by!

I have bought products with both online beauty stores. (In fact, I bought this eye shadow palette from JpMon.)I would say they are both reliable, and ship out fast. Both companies offer good customer services.

Ichibanko features more Japanese department store brands, while JpMon carries mostly Japanese drugstore brands and beauty goodies.

The other difference is the pricing. The prices you see at Ichibankao already include shipping and handling fees.

I hope this information helps. Feel free to let me know if you have further questions.