Drugstore Gem: Prestige Liquid Eyeliner in LE01 Black

Prestige Liquid Eyeliner in LE01 Black

A couple years ago, I found Prestige Liquid Eyeliner (4.75 - 5.75 USD) at a nearby CVS store. I was very intrigued by its small and lightweight packaging. The shade I bought is a jet ink black with a satin matte finish.

This liquid eyeliner's packaging is slim and lightweight. So it is easy to store in my vanity drawers or cosmetic bag.

Prestige Liquid Eyeliner in LE01 Black

It comes with a sponge tip that feels soft to the touch. The sponge tip gives a precise, thin line along the lash line, and fills in the gaps between the lashes nicely.

Though it is not waterproof, it withstands sebum decently well, and stays on all day. But I wouldn't wear it on rainy days as it can be easily removed with just water.

I like to use a dark brown eyeliner pencil or dark eyeshadow in powder texture to blend it over the liquid eyeliner. I think it just makes it look more natural and subtle.

I haven't used that many liquid eyeliners to make a good comparison here. However, I found this liquid eyeliner quite useful and affordable. It is definitely one of my great drugstore finds.

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