Product Review: SK-II Cellumination Essence (Hydrating Serum)

SK-II Cellumination Series
[Photo credit: L'Officiel Singapore Magazine]

SK-II Cellumination series is the latest skin brightening line from SK-II. The series was launched in the US in March 2010, and currently consists of two items, including Cellumination Essence (Hydrating Serum) and Cellumination Cream (Illuminating Moisturizer). (The lineup also includes Cellumination Essence-In Foundation in Asian markets.)

SK-II introduces the Cellumination series with a new skin whitening concept called "Aura-Lucency," which is
the balance of the colors of red, green and blue (RGB) light transmission in skin. SK-II discovered that the more balanced the RGB light transmission is, the more translucent and radiant the skin is. The analogy of SK-II's new whitening concept is the quality of color and vividness of picture depends on how well the RGB transmission through the display panel (such as plasma TV, LCD display...etc).

SK-II believes whitening care is not just about spotless, blemish-free and fair skin. The SK-II Cellumination series aims to boost the transmission of diffuse light within the skin surface to achieve a luminous, glowing and even-toned complexion.

Skin Technology
The serum is formulated with Aura Bright Complex, which is an ingredient cocktail containing Centella asiatica extract as well as Nicotinamide W and concentrated Pitera™, to refine the skin texture and even out discoloration.

SK-II Cellumination Essence (Hydrating Serum)
[Photo credit: SK-II]

SK-II Cellumination Essence (Hydrating Serum)

The serum has a milky white color , and features a subtle, fresh-smelling floral scent. It has a lightweight lotion-like consistency, but not runny nor watery. It is easy to spread. It goes on light and smooth, and absorbs very quickly. The serum leaves my face moisturized and looking dewy instantly.

Unlike most of the skin whitening products I have used, Cellumination Essence (Hydrating Serum) not only doesn't dry my skin, but also provides an effective skin brightening ability and long-lasting moisturization. It can be used for day and night. But I have been using it only at night for nearly a month.

The serum is one of the best brightening products I have tried. I was surprised that my face was soft, moisturized with a soft glow the next morning after I first used it. In a week, it did make my face slightly more even-toned and translucent.

After almost one month, not only it has lightened my sun spots on the cheek bones and my past acne scar, but also clarified, brightened the skin tone, and refined the skin texture for a more even-toned, luminous and brighter appearance.

This skin brightening serum is very successful in evening out skin discoloration, refining skin texture and lightening age and sun spots to promote the translucency and brightness of the skin.

As the weather is warming up and the summertime is approaching, SK-II Cellumination Essence (Hydrating Serum) is definitely worth trying out if you are looking for skin brightening products.

*The sample is provided by SK-II. However, this review is solely based on my personal opinions after using this product.*

Information updated on April 12th, 2010

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Ashley said...

This looks promising and expensive. It's interesting how they approach skin's different from everything else I've heard so far. So, I'm curious what are the ingredients of this product.

mary-beth said...

So, do you think this product would work well for someone like me who has oily-prone skin?

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Mary-Beth,

I am very sorry for my belated reply.

Yes, I think SK-II Cellumination Essence (Hydrating Serum) works well for oily skin as well.

The texture is light and moisturizing. It absorbs very quickly, and leaves face soft and moisturized.

I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions about it.



Anonymous said...

is this product only for fair skin or for every skin color??

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I think it works well for all skin tones. SK-II Cellumination Essence (Hydrating Serum) is supposed to even out the skin tone and lighten skin discoloration.



hydrating skin care said...

I am almost brand new to blogging and really like your post, it is really on target!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to pass on this. It's too bad they didn't consider that there are those of us with dark complexions who don't want anything to do with a "whitening" effect. But then products created in Japan have never been that open-minded.

Anonymous said...

suitable for age 23 / 24?