Guerlain Spring 2009 Exotic Paradise Collection

Promo Image of Guerlain Spring 2009 Exotic Paradise Collection

Guerlain's spring 2009 Exotic Paradise collection has been launched in the US recently. The limited-edition star items in this collection, Exotic Paradise Eyeshadow Palette and KissKiss Gloss Collector, feature vivid bright colors of peahcy orange, pink and green. The shades are colorful and certainly has an ethereal feel of spring nature.

Unfortunately, I can't really pull off light-colored eye shadows nicely, especially green shades. I am, however, still very interested in the KissKiss Gloss Collector. I would like to see how the green-toned lip gloss reflects the color on my lips.

The Exotic Paradise collection also includes a new eyeshadow range, Ombré Éclat Mono Eyeshadow, available in ten shades.

Guerlain spring 2009 Exotic Paradise collection includes:

KissKiss Gloss Collector: 3 shades (limited-edition)
Ombré Éclat Exotic Paradise Eyeshadow Palette(limited-edition)

Ombré Éclat Mono Eyeshadow: 10 shades

Ombré Eclat' Duo & Liner: 1 new variation

Ombré Éclat Eyeshadow Primer

Top: KissKiss Maxi Shine Lipstick: 4 new shades
Bottom: KissKiss Lipstick: 4 new shades


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