Dior Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

Commercial Image of Dior Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

Once Again! Dior continues to awe us with its seasonal makeup collection. The upcoming spring collection from Dior is filled with a romantic retro style and French beauty elegance. The makeup colors in this collection feature subtle earthy tones and creamy nude shades. It seems that nude and earthy tones are part of the big makeup trends for spring 2009.

You might also wonder what's the star product in this collection. It is called Lady Dior (see the picture below). you can tell by its name that the look of this palette is inspired by the iconic Lady Dior handbag beloved by Princess Diana. The Lady Dior palette consists of a highlighter and a cheek/lip color in cream texture. It simply looks adorable!

Many items in this collection are limited-edition. Let's take a look at it!
Lady Dior: 3 variations (limited-edition)

5-Colour Eyeshadow: 1 variation (limited-edition)

5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow: 1 variation (limited-edition)
2-Colour Eyeshadow: 1 variation (limited-edition)
1-Colour Powder Mono Eyeshadow: 1 variation (limited-edition)

Crayon Eyeliner: 1 new shade
Diorskin Radiant Base: 1 shade (with SPF20 PA+, limited-edition)

Diorskin Extreme Fix Loose Powder: 1 shade

Dior Blush: 1 shade (limited-edition)

Rouge Dior: 4 shades (1 shade is limited-edition)

Dior Addict High Shine: 2 shades (1 shade is limited-edition)

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect: 4 shades (2 shades are limited-edition)
Dior Rouge Contour: 1 shade

Dior Vernis: 2 shades (1 shade is limited-edition)

Dior spring 2009 makeup collection will be launched on January 15th, 2009 in Taiwan. It will be available in Japan on January 16th, 2009. You can view more product images of this collection here provided by a Taiwanese beauty editor.

[Photo credit:www.iswii.net]

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Isabella said...

Do you know which shade(s) is/are limited edition for the lipstick & gloss??

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet,

The following are the limited-edition lip colors from Dior spring 2009 makeup collection. The description is based on the pics shown in this post.

For Rouge Dior lipsticks, #424 (the second left) is limited-edition.

For Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect, #137(the second right) and #447 (the one on the right) are limited-edition.

For Dior Addict High Shine, #220 (the left one) is limited-edition.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend