Product Review: Kenzo 2008 Ryoko Collection: FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum Nomad Spray

Kenzo Parfums launched the 2008 Ryoko Collection in July 2008. This collection is a limited-edition collaboration between Kenzo perfumes and famed industrial designer Karim Rashid, and will only be available through fall. As all the fragrances in this collection are Kenzo's favorite scents, this collection's highlight is Karim Rashid's packaging design. It is always fun to watch how Karim Rashid plays with his magic wand.

The 2008 Ryoko Collection by Kenzo Designed by Karim RashidThe 2008 Ryoko Collection by Kenzo

In Japanese, Ryoko means "travel". Inspired by modern travel, this collection consists of five airport-friendly, pocket-sized fragrance pebbles. Each Ryoko pebble represents one of Kenzo's signature fragrances (20ml ; 0.66 oz), which includes:
For her:
  • FlowerbyKenzo eau de parfum nomad spray
  • KenzoAmour eau de parfum nomad spray
  • Leau Par Kenzo eau de parfum nomad spray
For him:
  • L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme nomad spray
  • Tokyo By Kenzo nomad spray
I had the opportunity to try the FlowerbyKenzo eau de parfum nomad spray.
The 2008 Ryoko Collection by KenzoFlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum Nomad Spray

I am a big fan of Karim Rashid's functional and holistic design for many big name brands. From a simple watch to a cool modern looking hand-held vacuum, his creative design always challenges consumers to perceive modern product design from different perspectives. This collaboration with Kenzo is not an exception.
FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum Nomad SprayOn the Right: FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum Nomad Spray

The FlowerbyKenzo eau de parfum nomad spray is cased in a see-through square box embossed with Kenzo's iconic red poppy flower on the lid. The nomad spray is housed in a red pebble that fits right into the palm of my hand. It is so sleek and smooth that it looks like a polished pebble, cute bean, or a stylish mouse. If you rest your palm on its curvy side (like holding a PC mouse), you may find the dispenser hidden on the top right side.
FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum Nomad SprayOn the Left: FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum Nomad Spray

I love its minimalism and yet functional packaging design. First, the pebble alike packaging contains fragrance less than 3 oz., which met the TSA's 3-1-1 rules (if you are not familiar with the US airport security rules, check it here). Second, there is no extra assembly of cap or dispenser body for the Ryoko nomad sprays. There is no fuzz of opening and closing of dispenser bottles! This cute little pebble is certainly airport-friendly and convenient for traveling.
FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum Nomad SprayFlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum Nomad Spray

FlowerbyKenzo eau de parfum, created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, is the original version in the FlowerbyKenzo series. It was first introduced in 2000, and has been well-known for its sweet powdery character.

FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum Nomad SprayFlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum Nomad Spray

FlowerbyKenzo (2000) features notes of wild hawthorne, Bulgarian rose, parma violet, cassia, opopanax, white musk, vanilla, hedione, and cyclosal.

The top notes (Bulgarian Rose, Wild Hawthorn, Cassie, Palma Violets) are very flowery and powdery. As it settles in after 5 minutes or so, the scent becomes more gently sweet. While the velvety and musky heart notes (opopanax, white musk and vanilla) exude the feeling of warmth and creaminess, the scents are also mixed with the green, fresh tonality of hedione and cyclosal.
The hints of musky and fresh notes balance the powdery sweet accent, and give it a classic yet modern, sensual yet clean feel. The perfume has good longevity. It stays all day.
FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum Nomad SprayFlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum Nomad Spray

Compared to FlowerbyKenzo Summer 2008 I reviewed earlier, it is even more flowery and powdery. The other FlowerbyKenzo versions feature more of woody or spicy drydowns. If you are not a person of sweet floral scent, FlowerbyKenzo eau de parfum might be a bit too powdery sweet for your taste.

I think FlowerbyKenzo eau de parfum is truly a feminine and delicate fragrance. It has a fresh sensuality that makes this floral fragrance balanced between warm creaminess and lightness, sweetness and freshness. I found it can be overpowering if too much were applied. However, with the right amount, it smells gentle and womanly sophisticated.

*This sample is provided by Kenzo. However, this review is solely based on my personal opinions after using this product.*

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Anonymous said...

wow...very pretty. I love to try this. nice review.


Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Mimi,

The Nomad Sprays from Kenzo 2008 Ryoko Collection do come in cute packaging.

I am glad that you like this review. Let me know what you think after you try the fragrance(s) from the collection.

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Erisadesu said...

the older version was better
and it had a nice clothing case for you to carry it, this looks cheap, too plastic... I want the old ones...

and I want Summer ryoko... :(
nice blog by the way.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Erisabetsu-chan,

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts! I hope you get your hands on Kenzo Ryoko Summer perfume soon!

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