Beauty Anonymous' Current Favorite Lippy: Einstein Lip Therapy

Many times at CVS stores, I had noticed the cute packaging of Einstein Lip Therapy. I didn't fall in love with the Einstein Lip Therapy Hydrating Lip Cream until, recently, I finally picked up one. There are two lip products in the line of Einstein Lip Therapy: Cooling Lip Relief, and Hydrating Lip Cream.
Hydrating Lip Cream is a moisturizing lip cream while Cooling Lip Relief is an intensive deep moisturizing lip balm. I decided to take the Hydrating Lip Cream since I was intrigued by its cute pink packaging. This Hydrating Lip Cream is a cream-based lippy that is infused with Vitamins A, C and E. It has a lotion texture that is quite unique. It goes on smooth and lightweight. However, it will leave a short tingly feeling on the lips.

The lippy has little yellow beads of Vitamin C to gently exfoliate the skin. It dissolves as soon as I gently massage it across the lips. I like to massage a thick coat thoroughly over the lips, the cream penetrates through the skin quickly. It absorbs into the skin so easily that my lips feel quenched and moisturized. Most of all, it lasts well.The lip cream doesn't deliver a sticky or waxy shine like most of other lip balms do. Thus, I also enjoy using it to condition lips before applying lip color.

Overall, Einstein Lip Therapy Hydrating Lip Cream ($5.99) has a lightweight texture that I like. The lip cream is the most effective lippy I have ever used to promote the restoration of dry lips. It heals my dehydrated/chapped lips nicely, and leaves my lips soft and youthful. It has become my current favorite lip care product for regular use at daytime. The only downside is it lacks deep moisture. I guess the other product from Einstein Cosmetics, Cooling Lip Relief, would complement Hydrating Lip Cream for the best result. I will consider buying Cooling Lip Relief for deep moisturization at night time.


Southern Angel said...

I have the hydrating lip cream as well but it is not as hydrating as I thought it would be. And I am a little turned off by the runny texture-- I end up making a mess every time I apply it!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Southern Angel,

Thanks a lot for your comment!

I agree with your points! The Hydrating Lip Cream has a semi-watery texture. I need to massage the cream with my finger well to apply evenly over the lips.

The runny texture becomes a problem if you carry it in the tote day in and day out. It tends to make a mess around the rim when I open up the lid. Thus, I prefer to just put this Hydrating Lip Cream at home. I usually use it when I am home.

I do find the Hydrating Lip Cream does not provide deep moisturization. But what I love about it is it gives me an effective restoration of dry/chapped lips. I would apply a thicker coat of lip balm on top of this lip cream to add deep moisture.

Thanks you so much for sharing your experience with me. Hope to hear from you again!