Chanel Spring 2008 Aurora Blues Accent Collection

I went to a mall last weekend to check out Chanel's Aurora Blues Accent Collection. Its spring colors are quite lovely. I am focusing on several items that attract my attention:

4 Fleurs De Chanel Yeux-Eyes in Fèeries:
This is an exclusive creation of eyeshadow palette embossed with Chanel's iconic camellia shape. The palette has subtly iridescent shades in light blue, pearlized white, light pink and tender lilac. The shimmer is not overpowering nor overly glittery. Even though all the colors belong to the cool tones, I like each of them has its own personality for versatile looks. It is an adorable array of springlike shades, sheer and sophisticated.

Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Bleu Cèlestes:
The eyeshadow palette consists of navy blue, grey, light blue and pale pink. Light blue and pale pink are pastel and iridescent. On the other hand, navy blue and gray are more semi-matte or slightly shimmery. All the shades are pigmented. I notice when I glide on the navy blue on my skin, the shimmery particles sparkle obviously. The particles are noticeable and shiny at the beginning. However, after 10 minutes, the sparkling particles starts to settle in, which makes the final look subtle with a touch of subdued shimmer. I especially like the grey shade because it has a blue tone.

This is a balanced creation of pale and intense shades in beautiful blue tones. I think the colors are very wearable. The pale colors can brighten up around the eyes and the deep shades deliver depth and definition.

Powder Blush:
It comes in two colors: Luna (white shimmer) and Enchanteresse (brown rose). Enchanteresse has a warm orange tone of rosy brown with fine shimmering particles. The particles are obvious to notice when I first swipe it on my skin just like how I feel about the navy blue in Bleu Cèlestes Quadra Eye Shadow. But after 10 minutes, the particles will become more subdued and subtle, which creates a soft natural radiance.

Nail Colour:
LE VERNIS Nail Colour for Spring 2008 introduces: Blue Satin (deep navy), Rose Satin (pure pink), White Satin (lustrous white), and Azur (light sparkling blue). I find the formula is durable. I didn't wear any topcoat over one layer of application. After almost 5 days of wear, the finish remain pretty intact except the front rim part is a little scratched.
  • Blue Satin is hot right now. It has drawn a lot of attention. It is a dark inky blue with little fine particles. The multi-color particles don't really stand out much. The satin finish glows with subdued shimmer.
  • Azur is my favorite among these four shades. It is a transparent shade with sparkling particles, mostly light blue, slightly pink and silver bits. Azur has a refreshing cool tone that looks crisp and flattering on my nails.

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